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Eric Trump tries to defend his father’s ‘Pocahontas’ comment

Eric Trump tries to defend his father’s ‘Pocahontas’ comment

On Tuesday, President Trump’s son, Eric Trump attempted to defend his father by referring to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” during a White House event honoring Native American Code Talkers.

“The irony of an ABC reporter (whose parent company Disney has profited nearly half a billion dollars on the movie ‘Pocahontas’) inferring that the name is ‘offensive’ is truly staggering to me,” Eric Trump tweeted Tuesday. 

President Trump tried to make a joke during the White House event honoring the Navajo WWII veterans but many people quickly condemned his attempt.

After Trump made the remark, ABC News reporter Jon Karl asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Why did he feel the need to say something that is offensive to many people while honoring the Navajo Code Talkers, these genuine American heroes?”

Sanders responded by saying it was offensive for Sen. Warren to lie about her heritage for the sake of advancing her career. She also added that the term “Pocahontas” isn’t racist.

Eric Trump tried to argue that the ABC reporter had no right to say the term “Pocahontas” is offensive when the parent company he works for (Disney) has been making money from “Pocahontas” for years.

Shortly after Eric Trump tweeted his defense for his dad, people quickly responded, indicating that he missed the point of the argument.

Twitter reacts to Eric Trump’s defense of “Pocahontas” slur

Eric Trump hasn’t responded to the backlash he received about his attempt to defend his dad.

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