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Elizabeth Warren, Maura Healey read mean tweets

Twitter makes it easy to reach out to anyone directly, and for better or worse, politicians tend to bear the brunt of citizen outrage online.

Twitter users were ruthless to the presidential candidates during the election, but politicians at the local level didn’t get off scot-free. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Commonwealth’s Attorney General, Maura Healey, shared some mean tweets they’ve received in a video posted Thursday by nonprofit think tank MassINC.

Just like the popular Jimmy Kimmel segment, the two women read aloud tweets from their toughest online critics and then got their chance to respond.

For instance, one user tweeted, “I basically have zero idea what the @MassAGO’s track record is on anything, but I’m convinced she’s the spawn of Satan and hates fun and sports.”

Turns out Healey has an impressive sports track record. The Attorney General was the captain of the basketball team while at Harvard College and went on to play the sport professionally for two years in Austria. Her response to the tweet:”I don’t hate sports.”

Another user did know about Healey’s athletic background and used that to criticize her, tweeting to Healey, “awesome that you reach out to youth, [but] how about doing something not basketball related like catching and prosecuting crooks.”

Healey responded, “What’s your point?”

Warren was called out on her frequent political emails. “This is the third time this week ElizabethWarren has emailed me saying ‘I need you now!’ in her subject line,” someone tweeted. “Talk about being forward.”

To that, the senator just raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“Elizabeth Warren scares me more than spiders,” another user said.

“Bankers are such wimps,” Warren, who has been called a “nightmare to Wall Street” for her efforts to reign in big banks,replied.

Someone even tweeted to both Warren and Healey at once, writing “Ugh. Can’t stand either one of you. Massachusetts truly deserves better, stronger female representation.”

Healey didn’t seem too bothered by that. “Hashtag sorry, not sorry,” she said.

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