As you know, Brad Pitt has recently returned to his peak form. Maybe it’s stress from divorcing the love of his life! Maybe he’s working out his recent deluge of post-divorce emotions through intense cardio! Either way, he’s definitely putting those looks to good use. If you’ve been wondering to yourself, who is Brad Pitt dating now? The answer is probably nobody, but! He might be flirting intensely with Sienna Miller — when he’s not overcome with intense melancholy about the dissolution of his marriage. Fun!

Page Six reports that the almost-divorced 53-year-old was doing some “serious flirting” with Miller, 35, during a private dinner for “The Lost City of Z.” Miller stars in the film, and Pitt is a producer.

Spies — I’m picturing some characters dressed in the finest World War II era garb — claim that the pair were heavily enjoying each other’s company, and were talking to each other all night. Sounds like pretty standard behavior, but okay!

Miller shot down rumors in 2015 that she was flirting with the then-married Pitt, saying “You know, he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice. It’s insane.”


Well Miller, maybe third time’s the charm, eh? But like, probably not. Brad Pitt is way too sad right now to be flirting with young starlets all willy-nilly.  

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