Chris Evans dog
Chris Evans is enjoying bonding time with his dog Dodger. Photo by Chris Evans via Twitter

It's been 10 weeks since the last time Chris Evans got to hang out with his dog Dodger, so you can imagine how excited the "Captain America" star was to reunite with his pet pooch over Labor Day weekend.

The Sudbury native has been counting down the days until this moment, posting pictures of his favorite memories with Dodger on his social media accounts. While one post had fans worried about the health of Evans' furry friend, they'll be glad to know that the doggy duo is doing just fine now.

Evans shared an adorable video of the reunion on his Twitter account Sunday.

"After 10 long weeks," Evans wrote in the post.


Amid his tweets weighing in on the actions of President Donald Trump and other world affairs, Evans has been very open about how much he missed Dodger over the past few months. The "Avengers" star couldn't resist sharing cute photos and clips featuring the pooch.

Evans and Dodger are totally #petownergoals.

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