Meghan Markle ATX Interview Prince Harry Dating
The lovely Meghan Markle continues to say practically nothing about her boyfriend, The Hot Ginger Prince. Photo: Getty

Meghan Markle is a beautiful lady and an actress on “Suits.” Also, she is dating Prince Harry — have you heard of him? He’s fifth in line for the British throne? He’s lovely and gingery enough to be a long-forgotten Weasley relative from the “Harry Potter” universe? Yes, yes, that one.

Anyway, the 35-year-old actress and Royal Boo™ attended the ATX Television Festival in Austin this weekend. There, she took part in a script-reading of the original pilot of “Suits” with her co-stars.

Then, of course, a wily reporter asked Markle whether or not she “hoped to marry Prince Harry.” Which is real journalism, you know? I mean, that’s really the question we all want the answer to. Who cares about climate change and global warming when there’s the possibility that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might get married after dating for not even a full year!? No, seriously.

Markle responded pretty predictably, by not responding at all. She just gave a smile. Which, fine.

According to Daily Mail, Markle’s co-star Rick Hoffman appeared to make a reference to the Hot Ginger Prince when he joked that perhaps she should read the script in a British accent. Markle again responded without responding, this time by blushing. She literally doesn’t know how to use her words!

Being so close to the royal family would probably leave me speechless, too. The actress joined Prince Harry at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception last month. They laid low because they’re not rude and they knew that they would probably steal attention from Pippa on her big day — and we all know Pippa don’t play that. “Right now Harry and Meghan are leaning towards not wanting to attract extra attention,” a source told E! at the time. “Especially on a day that’s not about them.” I love it when adults are mature!

Here’s hoping next time someone asks Markle about her Hot Ginge, she does more than just smile or blush. I mean, she doesn’t need to jump on a couch professing her love Tom Cruise style, but a little gushing wouldn’t hurt. 

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