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The ever elusive Cameron Diaz speaks out. Photo: Getty

You may have noticed that Cameron Diaz has basically disappeared from Hollywood. Her last two films? Both in 2014. One was “Sex Tape,” where she played a character named Annie. The other one was “Annie,” where she played Miss Hannigan.

Now, the 44-year-old is opening up about taking a break from being a movie star. To Gwyneth Paltrow, of all people. Turns out, despite being one of the most popular and highest-paid movie stars in Hollywood, two decades of non-stop travel from film set to film set was just too dang much. “I just went, ‘I can’t really say who I am to myself,’ Which is a hard thing to face up to,” she said at the Goop Wellness Summit over the weekend. “I felt the need to make myself whole.”

I don’t know what that means, but OK!

She also opened up about marrying Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. On getting married at the age of 41, she said, “I think it’s a matter of, I just hadn’t met my husband, you know?” She continued, “I had boyfriends before. And there’s a really, really distinct difference between husbands and boyfriends. And I have a husband who is just my partner in life and in everything… We are so different from one another, but we share the same values. We are both just weird enough for each other.”

The “Bad Teacher” actress — who has dated the likes of Jared Leto, Alex Rodriguez, and perpetual man-child Justin Timberlake — says that Benji loves her like no man ever has. Damn, girl! “I'd never been loved in that way. I look at him every day and he inspires me — he works so hard. I feel so lucky.” Far be it from me to hate on someone who is happy and fulfilled, so I’ll keep the snark to myself.

Diaz didn’t really say anything about being sister-in-law to erstwhile star of “The Simple Life,” Nicole Richie (who is married to Benji’s twin brother Joel, weird). I mean, they’re twins! Are there every any mix-ups? Is it like “Parent Trap,” but weird and grown up and vaguely sexual?

I suppose we’ll just have to use the power of our own imaginations for that one. 

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