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John Stamos is off the market, my dudes

Here's what we know about his fiancee, Caitlin McHugh.
John Stamos Fiancee Caitlin
John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh. GETTY

John Stamos — an attractive man most famous for a character he played in “Full House” a full 22 years ago — is engaged. OK!

The perpetually hot actor announced his engagement to his girlfriend, model Caitlin McHugh, with a very heartfelt, very cheesy illustration on Facebook and Twitter. “I asked… she said yes! … And we lived happily ever after.” Smooth moves, Uncle Jesse.

The 54-year-old — former husband of the model/actress formerly known as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos — has been dating McHugh for about a year and a half. But like, who is she even? Here’s what we know, after about five minutes of tepid research.

1. She’s 31-years-old.
Meaning that young Caitlin probably had a crush on Uncle Jesse when she was but a wee 9-year-old lass.

2. This is her second marriage.
She has an ex-husband named Massimo Lusardi. Neat-o!

3. She’s a model slash actress slash writer.
Being a multi hyphenate is so in these days!

4. She’s obsessed with Disney.
Judging from her Instagram feed, she’s a huge fan of the uh, “happiest place on Earth.” She dresses up like Disney princesses a lot in her spare time, and her Instagram is filled with pictures of her at Disneyland.


A post shared by Caitlin McHugh (@caitlinskybound) on

5. She had a recurring role on “Vampire Diaries.”
She played a lady named Sloan. Sloan was a witch! And if you haven’t seen the series, yes the title is extremely misleading. Vampires are only one of the creatures in the show, and nobody really keeps a diary after the first season!

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