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Will Smith's son, Jaden, has become renowned for his off-the-wall proclamations, whether they be on Twitter or in interviews with the New York Times Magazine. But as it turns out, the apple doesn't far fall from the tree. So we're going to the source for some pure, uncut Smith family wisdom.

"This is one of the first times, in my career, where it was full-on, steamy, grown man-ness, and emotion."

"Reality almost does not matter at all. When you’re talking to a person, it only matters what they are perceiving."

"I no longer measure the quality of my self on whether or not somebody else thinks what I paint is beautiful."


"You only need them to perceive you as a loving husband. You don’t necessarily need to be one."

"I completely released the concept of goal orientation and got into path orientation."

"It's actually nerve-wracking for me, sometimes, to walk into a new space."

"I did some stuff [as a kid]. There just wasn't no Twitter back then."

"Everybody is running a con. We choose our clothes. We do our hair. Everyone wants to be perceived a certain way, to gain the things that they have decided are the things that they want in their life.

"Lying and loving don’t go together."

"Everything is a con."

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