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This is the saddest mac&cheese, what are you even doing?

This is not how you do mac&cheese, because there are apparently people who need to be told. Credit: @coolstoryjanis, Twitter

There’s a reason mac&cheese is a classic dish, and not just because it’s undisputably delicious. It’s the simplicity — but this person went a little too #basic. 

You wouldn’t think there was a way to screw up macaroni and cheese. Someone did manage to, because humanity is nothing if not an endless fount of disappointment.

Let’s be real, none of us bring our A game to work potlucks, but some person who is very grateful to be anonymous right now brough this abomination:

There’s very little in the world that is objectively bad, but this attempt at macaroni and cheese that is literally just cooked pasta plus some shredded cheese makes the grade.

There’s no evidence of spices or, really, much of the cheese being melted, which makes us think this “dish” came together after the macaroni cooled down and that’s just too sad to contemplate.

Commenters had a lot to say, predictably:

Anyone who remembers dating in middle school can recognize the metaphor in this:

Another shared their own office food horror story:

You can only fake it for so long, coworker.

Bosses, this is a good time to remind you that this catastrophe could’ve been avoided: 

That said, at the end of the day, food is food to some people, even if that’s your own lonely truth to live.

So come on, guys. You may not like all your coworkers, but you don’t have to take it out on the entire office. 

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