Jennifer Lopez is still relying heavily on rumors about who she is dating to keep her name in people’s mouths. And clearly, it’s working.

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First it was a maybe fake relationship with Drake, carried out conspicuously via Instagram. Then it was a mysterious source gabbing about her explosive chemistry with ex Ben Affleck. Now it’s literally a Bahamian vacation with Alex Rodriguez — apparently, the two are enjoying some time together at an exclusive owners-only destination in the Caribbean. I see you, JLo.

Lopez, 47, and Rodriguez, 41, have apparently been dating for months. You mean to tell me that Drake and Ben were just a ruse? Wow. I truly cannot believe it.


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According to Page Six, they like each other because they both have Latin roots and also children. So do a million other people, but okay. May these two’s relationship be long and prosperous. Or at the very least, short and full of juicy gossip stories.

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