Somewhere between his professional diving career and being a big, tough movie star in "The Expendables," the "Transporter" series and the upcoming "Spy," British tough guy Jason Statham earned a living as … a go-go dancer in music videos. Internet sleuths recently uncovered a video for British '90s techno-hippy band The Shamen's "Comin' On" that features an oiled-up Statham gyrating in just a leopard-print Speedo and some combat boots along with some extremely rudimentary green screen technology. And man, is he into it. One thing is for sure, he definitely has some moves.

He also popped up in a video for the Erasure track "Run to the Sun," where he gets the full metallic body paint treatment:

I look forward to Statham having to field questions about these videos for the next few months.

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