Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco's beef with Kid Cudi is far from over. The two rappers got into a Twitter feud back in January when Kid Cudipublicly criticized Fiasco for engaging in a Twitter war with Azelia Banks. Things quieted down for a while, but the bad blood is back in full force.

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At a Milwaukee concert last weekend, Fiasco fired a shot at Cudi via a freestlye rap:“Make sure that you listen to every rhythm that I be spittin’, unconditionally written. P.S.: To all my enemies, you are now forgiven. Except Kid Cudi, ’cause that’s not my mother f—g buddy. If I see him in the streets, it’s getting mother f—g ugly.”

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Fiasco expressed remorse for the jab today on Twitter:"At the end of that Milwaukee freestyle I let tha Cudi shit go. He still a bitch in my book. But Im done wit it #promise." Cudi, for his part, has kept quiet.