is the sandlot on netflix

The Sandlot is reportedly getting a prequel. (Cue everyone yelling, “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”) Whether or not you think this is the worst thing to happen to your cherished childhood memories since they redid Jumanji, it is the perfect excuse to rewatch the 1993 classic. So, is The Sandlot on Netflix?

Before they (maybe) butcher the story you know so well, rekindle your love for the original. You do have plenty of time, it seems. 20th Century Fox is only in early development for The Sandlot prequel, Deadline reported early last week. Wary fans of the original might be swayed by the fact that David Mickey Evans, the writer and director on the classic you rewatched every week of your young adult life, has agreed to come on for the prequel. He’s reportedly co-writing the script with Austin Reynolds.

OK, so breathe a sigh of relief for now. Remember, two straight-to-video Sandlot follow-ups were released, one in 2005 and the second in 2007, and it didn’t kill your love for the original. For now, you can read up on everything we know about The Sandlot prequel and wait with your fingers crossed that they get it right.

is the sandlot on netflix


Is The Sandlot on Netflix?

So, is The Sandlot on Netflix, so you can relive the glory of the original? Unfortunately, this streaming service didn’t think we’d jump at the chance to stream one of our childhood favorites. No, The Sandlot is not currently part of the Netflix content library. You can put in a request with the streaming service for them to add it by filling out the form here.

But what about some other online options? Is The Sandlot on Hulu? Sadly, this one’s also a no. It’s not even available to stream through Amazon Prime Video. That means you’ll have to find some way to play that old video cassette from your childhood, or buy it online through Amazon Video.

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