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Everything you need to know about Travelers season 3

Travelers season 3

In the first trailer for Travelers season 3, the science fiction series that Netflix assumed full ownership of after two seasons of co-production with Canada’s Showcase outlet, Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack) delivers what sounds like a confession.

“Seven months ago my consciousness was sent from the distant future into the body of Special Agent Grant MacLaren,” he tells the camera. “Since then I have assumed his life, his work, his marriage. In truth, I am Traveler 3468, one of thousands of travelers around the world who have come from a time when life is all but wiped out. To save humanity. To change the path.”

Everything you need to know about Travelers season 3

Travelers season 3 plot cast release date trailer Netflix

If feels, nay looks, like a confession because following the chaotic events of season 2, Travelers creator Brad Wright (“Stargate SG-1”) and his writer’s room have thrown the ultimate monkey wrench into MacLaren’s plans to save the world. The United States government of the 21st century now knows about the travelers program, and has tasked its own people in the FBI to oversee MacLaren and company’s efforts to complete their missions. The question is, will the addition of even more human error disrupt the travelers’ plans?

Travelers season 3 cast

Seeing as how MacLaren’s team – Marcy Warton/Traveler 3569 (MacKenzie Porter), Carly Shannon/Traveler 3465 (Nesta Cooper), Trevor Holden/Traveler 0115 (Jared Abrahamson) and Philip Pearson/Traveler 3326 (Reilly Dolman) – has yet to change “the path,” chances are that the world of the future won’t be saved anytime soon. In fact, one of the previous season’s major themes — the potential fallibility of the travelers’ leader, the artificial intelligence known only as “the Director” – is playing a much bigger role in addressing this question in Travelers season 3.

Meanwhile, the team also finds itself at odds with the mysterious Traveler 001 (Enrico Colantoni), a man who goes by the name Vincent Ingram that was essentially a test subject for the technology’s capabilities that, instead of dying in the September 11 terrorist attacks, chose to survive. His efforts to sabotage their mission, which included abducting the travelers’ significant others and revealing the truth to them, are still plaguing MacLaren and his team in Travelers season 3.

Travelers season 3 Netflix plot release date cast premiere trailer

So too is another group of travelers known as “The Faction.” For the longest time, the team members have assumed that this rogue party has been trying to disrupt their efforts to prevent the coming apocalypse. In Travelers season 3, however, MacLaren finds himself confronted with the increasingly real possibility that everything about his mission is not as it seems, and that everyone else traveling back in time to try and stop his efforts might actually be on his side.

Travelers might not get as much attention from Netflix subscribers or social media as similar genre shows like Stranger Things or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but if you’re a fan of science fiction’s penchant for balancing weighty concepts and action setpieces, then you may want to give it a shot when Travelers season 3 begins streaming.

Travelers season 3 release date

The Travelers season 3 premiere is set for Friday, Dec. 14, on Netflix.

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