These creepy Easter Bunny pictures will haunt you in your dreams.

Easter is another holiday where young kids will go to the local mall or department store to take a photo with the holiday's mascot — the Easter Bunny.  Much like taking pictures with Santa, taking picutres with the Easter Bunny every year is another tradition for some families. While the Easter Bunny, is meant to put smiles on the faces of young children, sometimes the Easter Bunny can look a little creepy. Maybe it's the eyes of the costume or the floppy ears or the eyes, but there are plenty of creepy Easter Bunny pictures to go around. 

If you want to take a trip down memory lane to remember how disturbing the Easter Bunny looked years ago, click through this gallery to see the creepy Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter!



Here comes the creepy Easter Bunny

Click through the gallery and check out these creepy Easter Bunny vintage photos.

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