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PHOTOS: The #UncleDenzel memes are out of control

Twitter doesn't chill out at all.

Before the Floyd Mayweather / Manny Pacquiao fight got started, celebrities were spotted in the crowd and were asked to give their predictions on who would win the fight.

Denzel Washington was spotted dressed comfortably in a tracksuit and sporting a mustache, he instantly became a viral meme.

People on Twitter began to say Denzel reminded them of that one special uncle in the family. The one that shows up to the cookout ready to party. Some have taken it a step further claiming Denzel looks like a car mechanic or a member from an old should music group.


Here are 5 #UncleDenzel memes that came from Twitter and Instagram.




💰💰💰 #UncleDenzel #DenzelWashington #MayPac #DopeTV #DopeHood

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4. #UncleDenzel as a car mechanic

#Denzel #uncle #uncledenzel #mayweathervspacquiao #money #lol #maypac #pac #fight

A photo posted by Sylli Asz Jamal (@sylliaszjamal) on

5. #UncleDenzel as a member of The Whispers