Justin Bieber has gifted the Internet with a bright, colorful photo of his gleaming white bum, and the Internet is not one to look a gift butt in the mouth. (Wait, what?) Truly, it's a magnificent sight, captioned with the simple, imploring command to "Look." He is, after all, an artist. Behold:

But the Internet did more than just look. No, the snarky digital collective has heard the challenge thrown down by Canada's reigning pop imp, and they have answered in rare form with some truly amazing Photoshop magic. If Kim Kardashian's bare ass broke the Internet, it's Justin Bieber's that put it back together again.


And sometimes it's Bieber's fellow pop stars who have the best responses to these things, as Miley Cyrus proved:

Bieber got back!

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Damn, girl. Dat booty.

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