Is there a doctor in the house? Eugene Porter? Are you a doctor?Gene Page/AMC

So yeah, I totally called it from the first time we met Dr. Eugene Porter. Big. Fat. Liar.

After this week’s “The Walking Dead” episode, I wonder how Josh McDermitt feels? He plays a weird, timid pervert (I mean, the guy hides behind a bookcase to blatantly watch Abraham and Rosita in the throws) who supposedly is the potential savior, able to purge the world of walkers. And now, after all this time, he nervously sputters, “I’m not a scientist.”

Are you kidding me? So not only did he cause the bus crash, but he is a lying coward! When he says this, Michael Cudlitz’s face matches his fiery, red hair. I don’t know how he didn’t shoot Eugene Porter (note that I’ve erased the Dr. distinction) on the spot. But that punch sure was satisfying!

We also get a glimpse of what happened to Sgt. Abraham Ford before he became the man who constantly wants to “keep rolling on.” Finally the dots all connect and we get to see how Eugene and Abraham originally met.


Ironically, Josh McDermitt’s character is the reason that Abraham doesn’t blow his own brains out with a handgun. Eugene’s mission is what Abraham has been living for, what has literally kept him going. Now he finds himself in the exact same position that he was in after the death of his family: On his knees, completely defeated. This is the second time that his reason to live has been shattered. Maybe, this could be the last straw.

On a positive note, if Eugene survives, he certainly could have a career as a fireman. His super soak slaughter is the smoothest move he will ever have. Savor it, Josh McDermitt!


Grade: A- (And I’m a tough grader)

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