Kevin Bacon in "I Love Dick" | Amazon
Kevin Bacon in "I Love Dick" Amazon

Amazon Prime is stepping up the online streaming they offer no doubt to compete with binge-watching heavy weights Netflix and Hulu. Even if you're a Netflix-right-after-work kind of person, it's worth clicking around to see what's available. May 2017 is a promising month for TV shows on Amazon Prime, so steal over the streaming competitor before you miss your chance to catch up on these intensely watchable shows. You might just find your new favorite.

I Love Dick

Available: May 12

Director Jill Soloway (Transparent) reapproaches middle-age sexual reinvention with the story of a filmmaker (Kathryn Hahn, excellent) who moves to an artist's community in Marfa, Texas, with her drag of a husband (Griffin Dunne) and promptly becomes infatuated with the titular Dick, the colony's resident lothario (Kevin Bacon).



12 Monkeys

Available: May 20

In season 3 of the futuristic drama, a time traveler and virologist continue their attempts to save the (rest of the) world from a sinister group that wiped out most of humanity with a mysterious plague.


Twin Peaks

Available: May 21 (on Showtime's Amazon channel)

Former teenage goths and teenage-goths-at-heart are rejoicing over the return of David Lynch's legendary '90s small-town murder mystery. The 18-episode revival picks up in the present day, with many original cast members (led by Kyle Maclachlan) and dozens of notable cameos including Laura Dern, Michael Cera and Naomi Watts.


Vikings, Season 4

Available: May 21

Teeth gnash and primordial dreadlocks fly as the roaming Norsemen (led by Charlie Hunnam) war, brood and bang their way through the Viking Age in the most recent season of the lushly produced drama.


Boardwalk Empire, Season 5

Available: May 21

The final season of the late, lamented HBO historical series brings the tale of Steve Buscemi and his natty '20s gangster wardrobe to an close.


Animal Kingdom, Season 2

Available: May 30

The feral Ellen Barkin and her tribe of ne'er-do-well sons are back, running heists as usual. This season, the boys start wondering if it's time to throw mama from the gravy train.


Poldark, Season 2

Available: May 30

The studly soldier home from the American Revolution (Aidan Turner, rumored to be on the next James Bond shortlist) continues to rip his own bodice and brood over starting a new life.

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