castle rock season 1 episode 1
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Stephen King fans can stop holding their breath because the Castle Rock premiere is just about here. You know that the Hulu original comes out tomorrow, Wednesday, July 25, but what time can you hit play on Castle Rock season 1 episode 1? Once you’re done devouring the episode, how long are you going to have to wait for the next? We’ve got everything you need to know.

While it’s trendy now to pull from Stephen King’s work, whether that’s a touch of inspiration and some light-handed references like in Stranger Things, or new film adaptations of his books, like 2018’s IT — nothing has done it in the same scope as Castle Rock. The Hulu original series is set in Castle Rock, a fictional Maine town in which many of his books are set, though the series isn’t an adaptation of these books. It’s its own multiverse. But you can get a preview of the show’s tone by reading up on the Stephen King stories set in Castle Rock before Castle Rock season 1 episode 1 drops on the streaming service.

It’s hard to say how much the series will pull from the books, but we rounded up everything we know about the series ahead of its launch. So, when can you catch the sure-to-be creepy premiere? Here’s when to turn on your devices and hit play.

When can you stream Castle Rock season 1 episode 1?

The Castle Rock premiere, or Castle Rock season 1 episode 1, can usher in your Wednesday, if you’re up for that sort of thing. You’ll see the episode hit the streaming service queue at midnight ET. Yes, for those of you living on the West Coast, that means you’ll be able to stream the first episode tonight at 9pm PST. Castle Rock season 1 episode 1, called “Severance,” introduces us to the town and the main character by way of a mysterious phone call. The official description from Hulu teases: “An anonymous phone call lures death-row attorney Henry Deaver back to his home town of Castle Rock, Maine.”


castle rock season 1 episode 1

Can you stream more than Castle Rock season 1 episode 1?

You’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this show. Are they going to leave you hanging after Castle Rock season 1 episode 1, or are they going to give you more introduction into this new world? Good news late night binge-watchers, you’ll be able to stream Castle Rock season 1 episode 2 and episode 3 when you’re done with the Castle Rock premiere.

castle rock premiere

The released description for Castle Rock season 1 episode 2, called “Habeas Corpus,” teases a place many of Stephen King’s readers know well: “Henry gets a new client at Shawshank Prison.” But it’s Castle Rock season 1 episode 3 that’s the real enigma at this point. The only description Hulu has released is frustratingly vague, saying only, “The past catches up with Molly Strand.” We’ll just all have to watch to find out what they mean.

Bookmark the landing page for Castle Rock on Hulu now. Then start brewing the coffee, kids, this one’s going to be a late night. But when you’re done watching it just might be the creep factor and not the caffeine keeping you awake.