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Fans of cussing, reality TV and dramatic makeovers, get ready, because the new Gordon Ramsay show, 24 Hrs to Hell and Back, is finally here.

The foul-mouthed chef you either love, or love to hate, is taking the formula for restaurant turnaround shows and dialing the drama up to 11. Ramsay fans already saw him try (and in many cases, succeed) in turning around some dirty and derelict restaurants in his previous show, Kitchen Nightmares, which ran from 2007 to 2014 — but this time he’s going even bigger and bolder.

What to expect from the new Gordon Ramsay show

As you probably already guessed from the name, the new Gordon Ramsay show attempts to do the same thing, saving struggling restaurant businesses before they collapse into bankruptcy, this time in just one short day, or 24 hours.

You might remember from Kitchen Nightmares that not every episode boasted a success story. So what will happen now that the window for improvement makes it necessary for the owners and staff to pull a truly tight turnaround? You’ll have to tune into the 24 Hrs to Hell and Back premiere to find out if Ramsay can pull it off (without pulling out his hair).


new gordon ramsay show 24 hrs to hell and back

Get a sneak peek of 24 Hrs to Hell and Back

In case you haven’t caught the promo on TV yet, here’s a look into what’s going down in the dramatic premiere of 24 Hrs to Hell and Back. The new Gordon Ramsay show features restaurants on the brink, dirty kitchens, disgruntled workers throwing plates and plenty of the celebrity chef dishing out advice in his signature style. Watch a clip below:



When does the new Gordon Ramsay show start?

Catch the premiere of the new Gordon Ramsay show, 24 Hrs to Hell and Back, when it kicks off what’s sure to be a dramatic season on FOX tonight, Wednesday, June 13 at 9:00 p.m EST. Want to have a Gordon Ramsay watching fest? Just tune in an hour earlier, because 24 Hrs to Hell and Back airs right after another big Ramsay show, MasterChef.

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