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Everything you need to know about Fuku Boston

Fuku Boston
Fuku Boston is now open. Photo by Fuku

Local foodies are getting pretty spoiled, as another popular fast-casual chain has popped up in the Seaport. That’s right, Fuku Boston has finally opened up shop, and the acclaimed fried chicken joint by Momofuku chef and “Ugly Delicious” star David Chang is ready to serve up some great grub in the Hub. Here’s everything you need to know about Fuku Boston.

What’s on the Fuku Boston menu?

According to executive chef Stephanie Abrams, Fuku stands apart from other fast-casual spots because the brand, first and foremost, focuses on having fun with its menu.

“When you think about it, almost all of our food is meant to be eaten with your hands instead of ustensils, and we also have several items that are meant to be shared,” Abrams tells Metro. “Fuku isn’t just a great place for a quick lunch, it’s also a destination for groups to enjoy a fun and casual meal.”

The star of the menu is, of course, Fuku’s array of fried chicken offerings, which are available as bites and crispy chicken breast fingers, as well as plenty of sandwich options, which you can customize with a variety of toppings and sauces. There are all sorts of great fried chicken sandwiches to try, including the spicy version made with habanero chicken thighs, plus the fan-favorite knockout, featuring seasoned cabbage and Fuku’s delicious knockout sauce.

There’s also a special fried chicken sandwich created for the Fuku Boston location, appropriately called the Bos, made with fried squash rings, ranch and topped with a spicy glaze.

Fuku Boston menu

“We wanted to create something unique and Boston specific,” Abrams says. “We did a pop up last month with Boston favorite Little Donkey, and some of the ingredients that they were working with in their kitchen, we were also already playing around with ourselves, including ranch, hot sauce and squash. I thought the combination would be the perfect nod to Boston, and something special to celebrate.”

Aside from the fried chicken offerings, Fuku Boston guests can munch on lighter fare like the citrus spinach salad or the harvest kale salad, or fill up on sides like the tasty mac salad. There’s also the behemoth known as the loaded fries, which are topped with cheese sauce, scallions, ranch and bacon. Abrams notes that they “are huge, ” served on a large tray and “are meant to be shared by a group.”

“Our menu is a blend of core and seasonal items. We want to provide consistently great chicken but also keep our guests excited and engaged with seasonal and limited menu items,” says Abrams. “Ideally, someone should be able to come in and get the spicy fried chicken sandwich or fuku fingers they’ve grown to love, but also be surprised by new menu items they discover upon return visits.”

Fuku Boston loaded fries

The hidden gem of the menu, according to the executive chef, are the wings, which are seasoned with a special five-spice blend. “I think that the five-spice dry seasoning blend we make is special and unique, and really takes the flavor of our fried chicken up an extra notch,” says Abrams.

Don’t forget to order something to sip on at Fuku Boston. There are blood orange and strawberry lemonade slushies, as well as a variety of teas and lemonade.

Where is Fuku Boston? 

Fuku Boston is located at 43 Northern Ave. in the Seaport District. It’ll be open everyday for lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. For more information, check out eatfuku.com.

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