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Exclusive interview with The Grinch

The Grinch
Tony Award winning actor Shuler Hensley plays The Grinch in the The Theater at Mad

For the first time ever, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical” will be performed at The Theater at Madison Square Garden, starring Tony Award winning actor Shuler Hensley. The Grinch may not be a people person exactly, but he agreed to talk to Metro exclusively. Eavesdrop on our conversation below and see him take the stage Dec. 5 – Dec. 28. (Click here to purchase tickets.)

Metro: What do you hate most about Christmas?

Grinch: Probably the Macy’s lines and Black Friday sales. I can’t stand them. Anything to do with merchandise and lots of people in a small area, well, that’s a problem.

Metro: Is there anything you like about the holidays?

Grinch: I do like hanging out in Central Park under various bridges and sometimes I go to the ice rink late at night when no one is there.

Metro: What do you want for Christmas?

Grinch: I’d like a nice doormat because my dog Max keeps tracking in stuff from Whoville and it’s a giant mess. And maybe some security cameras so I can keep watch over my cave when I’m not there.

Metro: So, what do you do all day? Are there any TV shows you like?

Grinch: I love “Jerry Springer.” Reality TV gives me the most enjoyment. I also like to play catch with Max, mainly things like fetch the cactus, go fetch the bag of thumb tacks…Things where he isn’t really expecting the consequences of the fetch game.

Metro: I read a rumor about you online, that you and the mayor of Whoville don’t get along. Is that true?

Grinch: Pretty much anything dealing with Whoville I disdain. They’re just so freaking friendly, it makes my fur crawl.

Metro: I’ve heard you’ve met a Who named CindyLou.

Grinch: CindyLou is the tiniest member of Whoville. She’s very precocious. She has giant eyes and is just full of questions. I don’t get why questions are necessary. They love to sing as well, which is another thing I don’t care about. And they eat all these Whoville specialties, like roast beef and lots of sweets. My sweet taste buds are pretty much non-existent. I like sour, hot and moldy.

Metro: Interesting. What are you eating for dinner tonight?

Grinch: I have a giant bowl of warm mayonnaise sitting out, which I’m going to enjoy through a straw.

Metro: Is there a holiday message you want to pass on to residents outside of Whoville?

Grinch: If there are any lovely people who enjoy merriment and good cheer, stay away.

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