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Fans not down with Leo’s jet usage

Fans not down with Leo’s jet usage

Leonardo DiCaprio is a busy man.

He was hanging out in Cannes last week, living it up, but then he had to be in New York to received an award honoring his environmental efforts and then be back in the South of France for an AIDS gala.

So what did he do? What any sensible elite movie star would: hop on the old private jet to whisk yourself to NYC and back.But that travel itinerary is apparently rubbing some fans the wrong way.

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“Everyone saying he’s some hero for protecting the environment,” one fan wrote on his Instagram post from the gala. “He’s just a hypocrite.”Another concurred, posting, “Unfollowing [DiCaprio].

Practice what you preach.” I guess that’s what you get for trying to help, Leo.

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