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Feast your eyes on these 3D-printed specs

3D printing has been in- troduced into many areas of society and fashion is no exception. The Biz Eyes are a 3D-printed lens with interchangeable rings – created by Iranian architect and designer Nasim Sehat – that can be changed to suit the wearer’s mood or style much like earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

How does Biz Eyes work?

Biz Eyes is a sort of fashion statement, looking at glasses not only as functional or as an accessory anymore, butmore the way we would look at jewelry, something that makes a statement about
us. There is only one base frame, and several “rings” which can be replaced simply by twisting them off for 90°, then, screw on a new pair.

Are the Biz Eyes related to the hipster trend of ‘nerdy’ spectacles?

I wouldn’t confine Biz Eyes to a certain trend, becausethat would mean they would go out of style when the trend ends. I think I see Biz Eyes as a more daring and cosmopolitan means of ex- pressing our own individual- ity, which will only change and adapt itself as the means for that expression changes for each individual.

How did you come up with the idea for this eyewear?

I started designing jewelry besides my major fieldwhich is architecture. One idea led to another one and I ended up liking eyewear, combining with other accessories and match them all with cloths. And see how to have different styles with only buying one frame and several Biz Eyes.

What has been the reac- tion of people and internet users?

I didn’t expect it to become so popular among makers,designers, folks from the 3D printing industry and people who want to have a bold statement about their outfits!

How people can get their Biz Eyes?

The first collection will be out by the end of summer. People can shop it online on Biz Eyes website: www. bizeyes.biz

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