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Fill your fridge right this summer with Peapod by Stop & Shop

Fill your fridge right this summer with Peapod by Stop & Shop

One thing is for certain, just simply living in New York City can seem like a full-time job, if not a contact sport. Just commuting to work every day can be exhausting, and things only get worse during the hot-humid summers when the air moves as quickly as the L train schedule. When you are trying to stay out of the heat, doing essential things like shopping for groceries might be the furthest thing from your mind.

In a study performed by KRC Research on behalf of Peapod.com, the online grocer found that the majority of New Yorkers tend to keep a pretty sparse food supply in their fridges and are unlikely to have standard necessities like produce, meat and seafood, deli items or even frozen foods stocked in their fridges. While 80 percent of New Yorkers have condiments, only 59 percent have meat or seafood. Even worse, 2 out of 5 admit to having expired food lurking in their refrigerators!

This just ain’t right. That’s why Peapod by Stop & Shop is offering the convenience of online grocery delivery service to all city residents, no matter their zip code, in all five boroughs. They also deliver to summer destinations like Fire Island and the Hamptons! The service also offers the New York area’s best local foods such as Tate’s Bakeshop, Adirondack Creamery and even pizzas from Table 87 to make sure that your fridge is stocked. With this kind of service, why wait on line?

With Peapod grocery delivery, New Yorkers can skip the lines and headaches and get all their pantry essentials, fresh produce, meats, seafood, plus a wide variety of convenient meal kits, including our latest Fast Pho Meal kit by acclaimed cookbook author Mark Bittman. The best part? It’s all delivered with the click of a button or swipe of a finger with our convenient Peapod app.

While Peapod offers pretty much everything you could hope for in a dream-scenario grocery store visit, they also go the extra mile to help you shop confidently and make wise dietary decisions. Using Peapod’s robust Sort Feature, shoppers can customize their searches with nearly 20 features specific to nutrition preferences including non-GMO, organic, sugar-free, vegan and vegetarian. Users will also get suggestions on what is fresh and seasonal given the time of year, to fill their fridge with only the tastiest food this summer.

Peapod is offering a special introductory order to get $25 off your first two orders of $100 or more by using the code METRONY50.

For more information on how to make your order, head over to www.peapod.com.