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Finally! A simple trick to get rid of sandy beach feet

Beach Hacks Get Sand Off Feet

Picture this: It’s a perfect, late summer beach day. You play a rousing game of frisbee with your friends, knock off that Jay McInerney novel that’s been on your reading list for, oh, two years and enjoy a series of heavenly food truck delights that take you back to childhood memories. Then you have some ice cream, a dip in the water and flip through your favorite magazines. Best day out of all the best days, right?

Until…the end of the day rolls around and you realize your feet are covered in sand. And now your sneakers or flip flops are covered in sand. And now so is your car. And there’s nothing you can do about this prickly, grainy mess. Well, thanks to a smart idea from Cosmo from the UK it looks like there is. The website claims all you need is talcum powder.

Just sprinkle some talcum powder on your feet when you’re done splashing around and ready to call it a day. Rub it into your skin, and the power will soak up any remaining moisture. That means a quick brush-off with a towel is all you need for sweet, smooth freedom from sandy toes. The strategy was apparently originally devised by parents on Mumsnet as a speedy way to dry their kids feet and remove the sand, but there’s no reason adults can’t partake in this simple joy, too.

So wait, all we need is some talcum powder and we’re free from sand-studded foot-itchin’ oblivion? Yup. Now go ahead, tell all your friends and tweet it from the mountaintops (erm, ocean waves) and take all the credit for this genius idea. Your toes and shoes (and car…and home) will thank you when the trail of tiny sand grains ends where it started: at the beach.

Watch this video below to see how it’s done:

Worth noting: There’s some controversy with talcum powder and cancer. Read more here.

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