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Floyd Mayweather: ‘I think I’m at greater risk than McGregor’

Mayweather McGregor
Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor square off Aug. 26. Photo by Getty Images

This Friday the official weigh-in before the anticipated Mayweather vs McGregor fight in Las Vegas will take place. Metro spoke with the stars before the grand event.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: “This is my last fight”

Metro: You’ve already retired a couple of times and you’ve returned, is this really your last professional fight?

Floyd Mayweather: I thought that with André Berto would be my last weigh-in, my last training camp, I thought it would be the last everything. You just do not know what can happen and now I’m at this great event. What I can say now is, ladies and gentlemen, this is my last fight, I gave my word to Al Haymon, to my children and I do not want to break that. I will keep my word.


M: What will you do after it’s all over?

FW: My real estate portfolio is really amazing. Real estate is huge. That will be important for my life. My kids will go to school and that’s going to take a lot of my time because education is important in my house. I want my children to do what I could not do. I want them to go to college to be able to take on the business I leave for them and take them to another level. If I made $100 million with a business, I want them to earn $400m or $500m.


M: There is a video where we see Paulie Malignaggi fall in a sparring with McGregor, what do you think happened, did he slip or receive a good blow from Conor? Are you worried about that?

FM: I saw the video, very interesting indeed. Conor threw many illegal blows, behind the head, lots of free wrestling, honestly that’s what I saw. I’m not worried because I’m sure the referee is going to be legal on both sides, I just want a fair fight. Many say he fell and others it was a KO, but at the end of the day what counts is if you do it in front of many people, not in a gym. We are judging Paulie, a retired fighter who has stopped training seriously.


M: Who will benefit the most from using 8-ounce gloves?

FM: I’m not worried about that. Conor said he is used to fighting with 4-ounce gloves. For me it’s fine, I want him to feel comfortable, I will not have excuses nor do I want him to have them.


M: You’re already 40 years old, is that a factor that can play against you?

FM: I’m honest, I’m not the same Floyd Mayweather from ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago. But I still have a high enough coefficient to get into the ring. Experience tilts towards me period. Actually, the preparation is not the same, with age comes wisdom, it is about knowing your body. When I was younger I would talk and then fight, I never let my body recover. Now that I am older I know that rest is very important. I work very hard even though I’m 40 years old, but I’m letting my body rest a lot more than before.


M: Is your 50th straight win victory really at stake?

FM: I think I’m at greater risk than McGregor. But it will be a great reward for both. My record is 49-0. When a fighter has lost before they say that nothing happens. But when a fighter has mastered 20 years in the sport it’s not the same. My legacy, my record, everything is at stake. I am grateful to every boxer who paved my way to get where I am. Now my goal is to get out and give fans a great show and reach my 50th victory in a great way.


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CONOR MCGREGOR: “I will win the respect of the whole world”

Metro: What do you think of the mockery that arose from the videos that came out during your preparation?

Conor McGregor: I have seen some videos, they are funny, I do not take it personally. It’s a way of training. The lack of respect for my abilities is disappointing, but it motivates me. It is people closed to things that can be done. If humans were not able to do things they would never have crossed the waters and discovered other lands. You have to have respect for other disciplines and styles. When I listen to the way they despise my abilities I use it as a motivation and hope to educate them that night. I know I am from another sport but on August 26 I will show what I am saying and I will win everyone’s respect.


M: Will it be advantageous for you that they let the usage of lighter gloves?

CM: I am pleased that the Nevada Athletic Commission has heeded the request of both, they listened to us and I think the referees and judges were fair. Wearing smaller gloves has its pros and cons. But in this case, we both requested it. I am used to using them. The media is surprised because the gloves in this fight will not be 10, but 8 ounces, but if you look at the size of the ones I use in UFC, they are 4, the fingers are not covered, the knuckles barely are, so I don’t have a problem with that.


M: In case of winning, would you give Mayweather a rematch?

CM: During the world tour, he said he was ready to enter the octagon, if he did he would have my respect. Anyone who is willing to enter a match like that where the limitations are so short, deserves respect. If he does, I would grant him a rematch.


M: At the press conferences we saw an uninhibited McGregor, talking a lot, insulting, are you really like this or were you doing your part in the show?

CM: What you see is what you get, that’s me, I am the same person in front of the cameras and when they are not on although many people think that I’m not. Obviously, there are many moments, maybe against the opponents that they see me different but I try to be who I am. There have been many articles, many stories around me but I think they are fine. I am who I am, I always tell the truth and people interpret it in many ways, but I am also quite open with that.


M: Are you ready for a 12-round fight?

CM: We have been tightening things in my cardiovascular preparation, we have also stretched the resistance to accommodate a possible 12-round fight of three minutes. In UFC, we usually do five 5 minute rounds, that is, 25 minutes, now it’s 36. We are just adjusting some things, I have already fought 12 rounds, even last night I did. We are more than ready.


M: Are you going to win on Saturday?


CM: I have had a very hard and long camp, I have worked very hard, dedicated and focused and now I am in my best physical condition. We are closing the part of the weight cut, then comes the weighing, the fight and that’s it, I will win.

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