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Forget peas, grapes are the star in Don Chingon’s guacamole (with recipe!)


Even the venerableJean-Georges Vongerichten asked the world to go a step too far by adding peas to guacamole in a questionable New York Times recipe.

Instead of playing it safe until the pitchfork-wielding guacamole traditionalists had gone back home, we gotthis recipe for National Guacamole Day from Don Chingon,a new contemporary taqueria that opened in Brooklynlast month. Before you write off grapes as so muchhipster nonsense, hear out chef German Vollitoro.

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“There is nothing like a sweet surprise complementing the savory and spicy flavors of a guacamole,” chef German promises. “Combining the green grapes withthe traditional guacamole helps balance the acidity and bite of the raw onion and jalapeno. Call me crazy, but its definitely worth your while to try it and you can be the judge.”

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Well, he did say you’re free to call him crazy, so try this party sizerecipe and let him know.


10 ripe smashed avocados
2.5 cups diced Mexican white onions
2 tbsp diced serrano chiles
2 tbspfresh garlic
1.5 cups chilled water
1 tbspsea salt
4 tbspfresh lime juice
3 cups sliced green grapes
A handful of pomegranate seeds

Directions:Put the garlic in a food processor and grind to a paste. Combine with the avocados, onions, andchilesin a large mixing bowl.Add lime juice and sal​t to taste.​​O​nce the base is done,add the green grape​s​ and garnish with pomegranate seeds. Serves 10-15.

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