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Frank Grillo’s definitive answer on Crossbones’ Marvel movie future

Frank Grillo
Frank Grillo stars in Netflix's "Wheelman." Photo by Getty Images

Quit playing games with our hearts, Frank Grillo.

Marvel movie fans have been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when it comes to the future of the actor’s villainous Crossbones. While the character was seemingly killed off in the 2016 flick “Captain America: Civil War,” in recent months, Grillo has teased fans with the HYDRA agent’s possible return.

The “Captain America” and “Purge” star recently told SYFY at New York Comic Con that he hopes to suit up as the villain again some time in the future.

“Hopefully down the road somewhere, Crossbones comes back,” Grillo said. “He was blown up, but they’re comic book movies.”

He also hinted at a possible surprise involving his Marvel character in an interview with Forbes.

“I was surprised not too long ago because there is some news that nobody knows yet, to do with my character,” Grillo said. “That’s going to be really interesting and I’m excited about that.” 

The recent remarks seem to contradict what the actor told Collider in January. Drawing comparisons to his “Purge” character, Grillo believed at the time that he was done with Crossbones.

If DeMonaco was still involved and they came up with a great idea, then I think I would do [another “Purge” movie]. Otherwise, I think I’m done. Same thing with Captain America. There’s nowhere for it to go, unless you’re Captain America or Iron Man. They were talking about it, but I was like, “You know what? I’d just rather not do it.”

So what’s the deal? Is he coming back to the MCU or not?

Luckily, we were able to ask the man behind the mask about the future of Crossbones during a recent chat about his new Netflix film “Wheelman.” While Grillo reiterated his love for the character, he thinks people need to chill out a bit, as he has no idea if he’ll return to the role.

“Look, Marvel’s awesome. I have a long-term contract with them and it’s a superhero movie, you never know,” Grillo said. “I don’t have any idea. I said that once before about two weeks ago and people jumped on that and thought I said Crossbones is back. No. That’s ridiculous. But we’ll see what happens. I’m not waiting for the phone to ring.”

For now, we’ll put him down as a maybe.

As for his latest butt-kicking character in “Wheelman,” Grillo told Metro that it’s very likely that he’ll return for a sequel.

“I think there’s going to be a ‘Wheelman 2,'” Grillo said. “I think there’s something down the road where he’s again maybe put in a position where – and I don’t want to go down the “Taken 2” road – but put into a position where it’s not his family, but he’s put into another life or death situation.”

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