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‘Friends Forever’ tampons for you and your BFF

Today, declaring your affection for your BFF with bracelets, necklaces and other trinkets seems downright corny. That’s why Brooklyn blogger Kat Thek created something that’s both practical and connects pals during their menses: ‘Friends Forever Tampons,’ two sharable sanitary products joined by a 0.6 meter-long string. Thek says the item is “about bringing friends much, much closer”. Metro talks to the creator about this novel way “to spend quality time with your bestie.”

Q: Why have you created this unusual feminine hygiene range?

<p>Kat Thek, creator of the ‘Friends Forever’ tampon.
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<p>Kat Thek, creator of the ‘Friends Forever’ tampon.
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<p>– I just knew there had to be a better way of using tampons. Mine are just like conventional ones. The only difference is that Friends Forever Tampons are connected at the string for added closeness.</p><div class='s2nPlayer k-AUr8v6rG' data-type='float'></div><script type='text/javascript' src='//embed.sendtonews.com/player3/embedcode.js?fk=AUr8v6rG&cid=11914&offsetx=0&offsety=0&floatwidth=400&floatposition=bottom-left' data-type='s2nScript'></script>
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Q: How are friends supposed to carry about their day while using the products?

– It’s very easy to do all sorts of things while wearing them. Besties can enjoy all of their regular activities such as tandem biking, whale watching, Double Dutch jump roping and filing their taxes. The string might be slightly visible, but if best friends would like it to be extra visible, we are proud to offer a glow-in-the-dark string with ‘Glow’ modification. That’s ideal for raves.

Q: But is it really hygienic?

– Actually, they are extremely hygienic. However, in the unlikely event that one friend’s tampon is accidentally pulled out, the 5 second rule applies. [*Laughs*]

Q: Do you think it’s the right way to declare mutual friendship?

– They aren’t just about proving friendship, they’re about bringing friends much, much closer.

Q: How do you mean “much, much closer”?

– Between internet chat rooms and all of the different “Law and Order” spin-off shows, it can be tricky for best friends to find time for each other. Friends Forever Tampons offer an easy, natural way to spend quality monthly time with your bestie.

Q: Who else benefits from these?

– They can also be worn by synchronized swimming teams.

Q: What does the future hold for your concept?

– The future is ‘Super-Plus’ bright. Friends Forever Tampons are now in stores in the U.S., now flowing to France and will be in Icelandic stores in early September.