FX launches Simpsons World website - Metro US

FX launches Simpsons World website

Simpsons of all ages, old and new, are now at your fingertips.

Always wanted to look an episode of “The Simpsons” up by season, then watch it immediately? Now you can. After the success of FXX’s “every ‘Simpsons’ ever” marathon comes the network’s newest project: A site devoted solely to your favorite Springfield residents, www.simpsonsworld.com. There’s the aforementioned streaming possibilities (available if you have an FX login), as well as a live rating system you can watch evolve in real time as people tune in to specific episodes and seasons.

If that doesn’t reel you in, the site also offers curated playlists of episodes. Want to see all their presidential parodies? They’re on it. No time for a full episode? Try one of the curated clip playlists, like the 15 classic Ralph Wiggum moments.

But the site’s greatest weapon against productivity may be the positively demonic “random” button. Click the random button, watch a scene. Click the random button, see a new scene. Why would you ever stop clicking?

The site is still a bit buggy — we ran into a few 404 not found pages, which showcase Itchy and Scratchy hitting each other with mallets — but seems likely to smooth out as the site works out the kinks. The site’s playful “Simpsons” feel means everything has the yellow-hued palette you’re used to, and instead of the usual gear symbol leading to navigation options, it’s Homer’s favorite pink donut. The only downside? When you click on a “Simpsons” video and an ad for “American Horror Story: Freak Show” starts playing. Nothing breaks that “Simpsons” mood like a glimpse of a terrifying non-animated clown. We recognize that FX needs to make money off the site somehow, but hope they can find a less jarring way to do so.

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