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Get your buzz on with eco- (and 420) friendly cannabis Keurig-compatible coffee

Not everyone is a joker, a smoker or a midnight toker. Whether you use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, you can now Keurig and chill with the world’s first product line of cannabis-infused coffee, tea and cocoa.

A flower-based edibles company, Cannabiniers, launched Brewbudz on Tuesday. More than 61 percent of Americans drink more than 600 million cups of coffee every day, according to the company, and Brewbudz is a discreet way to sip with Mary Jane.

“What we are aspiring to create is the normalization of cannabis consumption in a way that integrates with consumers’ already established habits and lifestyles,” said Timothy Walters, president of Cannabiniers.

“Brewbudz is our way of providing consumers with a natural, safe and chemical free way to consume cannabis’ natural compounds, combined with an everyday behavior – coffee/tea drinking, that is both socially acceptable and discreet.”

Cannabiniers’ “first of its kind patent” meshes a completely compostable pod that works with all Keurig coffee brewers and a cannabinoid extraction process “that allows the consumer to benefit from the complete profile of the cannabis flower, in a healthy and discreet manner.”

Brewbudz isn’t just soothing to your soul — it’s also eco-friendly.

Brewbudz offers patients and consumers an environmentally responsible solution that can reverse the negative ecological impact that traditional Keurig single-serve pods currently have on our environment. Scientists and world-class environmental experts got together to create the world’s first and only compostable single-serve brew pod of its kind. The distinctive ring on every one of the Brewbudz pods comes from the skin of roasted coffee beans (chaff) and the lid is a combination of compostable materials and inks. When composted correctly, the pod and outer packaging (box) can break down in weeks, creating an Eco beneficial by-product (fertilizer) that leaves no toxic residue and returns to the earth and not landfills.

So, pinky up!

More information on Brewbudz:

As a flower-based edible, the products will not introduce oils that can build up within a brewer and obstruct the brewing process. Brewbudz offers various dosage options to fit every lifestyle. Consumers can select from a variety of dosing strengths infused with either sativa cannabis to give them a pickup or indica to help them relax and sleep. Once brewed, Brewbudz cannabis infused beverage is virtually absent of cannabis odor and taste, while protecting and delivering the effects in a safe and natural way.

West Coast Roast (Coffee) – Made from responsibly sourced 100% Arabica beans

Available in: Regular and Caffeine-Free

THC Content: 10mg, 25mg and 50mg

Artisan (Tea) – Carefully crafted with the most delicious tea leaves and high-quality cannabis to create exhilarating blends that delight the senses.

Available in: Black, Green and Herbal Teas

THC Content: 10mg, 25mg and 50mg

Decadent Dark Chocolate (Cocoa) – Made with the highest quality chocolate and other all-natural ingredients

THC Content: 10mg, 25mg and 50mg

Brewbudz is now available in dispensaries located across Nevada, including Medizin, Blum, The Dispensary, Las Vegas ReLeaf, Inyo Fine Cannabis, Essence, The Source and Mynt. Availability in Colorado and California will soon follow, with additional state launches to be announced shortly thereafter.

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