Giants DT Damon Harrison claps back at Jets’ Sheldon Richardson – Metro US

Giants DT Damon Harrison claps back at Jets’ Sheldon Richardson

Giants DT Damon Harrison (Photo: Getty Images)

It was said with a laugh but Damon Harrison clearly had a message for former teammate Sheldon Richardson: “Get away from the microphone.”

Earlier this week, New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson took a shot at former teammate Brandon Marshall, cut by the Jets this offseason only to sign across town with the New York Giants as a free agent. Richardson said the locker room is better without Marshall, a player known for being quotable and who has had some run-ins with teammates in other NFL cities in the past.

Harrison, a defensive tackle who signed with the Giants last offseason, has played with both Richardson and Marshall. He calls. While obviously having some fun with his response, Harrison did provide some insight into Richardson’s low blows at Marshall.

“Oh wow y’all got to keep the mic away from Sheldon man,” Harrison said on Thursday. “Sheldon, get away from the microphone.”

In his comments earlier this week, Richardson went so far as to say that the Jets are better without Marshall and that he could cite 15 reasons why, an obvious dig at the All-Pro wide receiver’s jersey number.

“Brandon’s Jersey number? Pretty clever Sheldon,” Harrison said before being asked a couple questions later about Marshall as a teammate.

His interactions were limited since Harrison is a defensive tackle and Marshall was in the offensive meeting room.

“I was on the defensive side of the ball man,” Harrison said. “The only time that we spent together was in the cafeteria where you are best friends with everybody, the training room, and on the practice field but other than that I pretty much had only the group of guys that were in my area and I didn’t stray away from that.”