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GoFundMe page created to oust Giants LT Ereck Flowers

New York Giants offensive tackle Ereck Flowers is under fire, the former first-round pick coming off a second-straight difficult game in the Giants 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Monday night
And after three years of struggles, some fans of Big Blue have had enough.
One fan has gone far enough to envision replacing Flowers, starting a GoFundMe page “to get enough money to get a new left tackle since Ereck Flowers can’t hold a cold!!!” 
The stated goal is to raise $10 million to replace Flowers, now in his third year in the NFL after being the No. 9 selection
Obviously, the salary cap and the NFL would have something to say about this use of outside cash, even if the movement gained serious momentum and started to raise some funds. 
This all, of course, assumes that the Giants want to replace Flowers, who has been the starting left tackle for three years. As of now, two donations totaling $10 has been raised in the 12 hours that the initiative has been in place.
Truthfully, the Giants have other issues along the offensive line besides Flowers and it is perhaps unfair for him to shoulder all the blame. But this type of scrutiny and criticism comes with being a first-round pick.
If they can’t raise enough money for their stated goal, then the GoFundMe page says they “might still be able to afford one of those inflatable punching clown dolls to play tackle instead.”

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