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GOP asked people to sign a President’s Day card for Trump. It didn’t go as planned

On Monday, the Republican National Committee asked its Twitter followers to sign a President’s Day card for President Trump. After months of record-low approval ratings, Trump’s favorability has been starting to tick up, so perhaps they figured they weren’t tempting fate.

Or maybe they didn’t see the president’s weekend tweetstorm, in which he criticized the FBI, Democrats, his own national security adviser and Oprah Winfrey — but not the NRA, as a national gun-control movement began to build in aftermath of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting; or Vladimir Putin, upon whom he has refused to enforce sanctions approved near-unanimously by Congress.

In any case, the response was overwhelming.


Here are some of the 1,500 comments:



Some took a more visual approach.



Also on Monday, 170 American political scientists voted Trump the worst president in the nation’s history. The Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey is conducted every four years, asking researchers to rank presidents on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being great, 50 being average and 0 being a complete failure. The 2018 edition put Trump at the bottom, below the resigned Richard Nixon, even among conservatives.

Trump earned a 12.34, below even James Buchanan, who presided over the country’s descent into the Civil War. Self-identified conservatives ranked him 40th out of 45.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama rose 10 spots from the 2014 survey, coming in at the eighth greatest president of all time. George W. Bush climbed five spots to No. 30. Abraham Lincoln came in at the top spot as usual.

Trump did claim the No. 1 position in one category: Most polarizing president in history.

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