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What’s closed on President’s Day?

what's closed on president's day

Anyone who has a to-do list — read: everyone — for next Monday should be asking themselves what’s closed on President’s Day. After all, you might not have the day off, but your to-do list could be derailed depending on what you need to get done and who does get the day off.

President’s Day falls on the third Monday of February, which is February 20 this year. Though the day was originally created to celebrate Washington, who was born in February 22, not February 20, the holiday was later expanded to celebrate all presidents, past and present.

But even if your calendar’s marked for the holiday, you need to double check your to-do list. Which business are affected, and which errands do you need to reschedule for late this week or Tuesday next week? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the most frequently asked questions about what’s closed on President’s Day so you can plan accordingly.

Are banks closed on President’s Day?

Whether you’re wondering are banks open on President’s Day because you need to know when your paycheck is going to hit your account or you actually need to go in to talk to a teller, you should schedule it for another day. President’s Day is a federal holiday, which means all financial institutions are closed for the day.

Hit the bank over the weekend if you can or make sure you can wait until Tuesday after President’s Day for your errand. If you make a deposit through an app or ATM on the holiday, you won’t see the money actually hit your account until the following day.

But is the stock market open on President’s Day?

You count the stock market on the list of what’s closed on President’s Day. Since every financial institution is closed for the federal holiday, that means the stock market is closed in observance of the holiday as well.

Are schools closed on President’s Day?

But wait, what about what isn’t on your to-do list? Are schools closed on President’s Day? Will you need to make some arrangements for the kids? Since President’s Day is a federal holiday, all public schools are closed — well, but there are exceptions. We’ll get to that.

What's Closed on President's Day Schools

This means elementary, middle and high schools are all closed as well as public universities and colleges. Private schools will likely take the day off in observance of the holiday, but you’ll need to check with the school to make sure. If your kids attend a public school that has had multiple snow days this year, check to make sure that they’re not using President’s Day as a makeup for a snow day, which some public schools have been known to do in the past.

Is the post office open on President’s Day? Is there mail delivery on President’s Day?

Sorry, but no to both. All post offices will be closed on President’s Day. That means if you’re sending documents or payments that have a strict deadline, you’ll need to get them postmarked on Saturday.

Are stores open on President’s Day?

Here’s where you finally get a break if you’re keeping track of what’s closed on President’s Day. Although small business might choose to close for the day, most stores and malls will be open during President’s Day. In fact, you’ll glimpse more than your fair share of sales going on in celebration of the holiday. If you plan on hitting a small business, check their website or call ahead before leaving the house just to make sure they’re open.

Restaurants, movie theaters and liquor stores should also be open on February 20, so you can plan on taking the kids to see that movie since they have the day off of school.


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