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Gwyneth Paltrow testifies against accused stalker


Gwyneth Paltrow, Academy Award-winning actress and GOOP founder, appeared in court on Monday to testify against a man who has allegedly stalked her for the past 17 years, the BBC reports.

Paltrow reportedly testified for three hours during which she read from letters her alleged stalker, 67-year-old Dante Michael Soiu, sent her— letters that Paltrow said she found to be “religious to pornographic to threatening.”

“You are hopelessly lost. Now you must die. Yourself, must die so that Christ can have preeminence,” one creepy letter threatened, according to CBS News.

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In addition to the 70 letters, Soiu allegedly sent Paltrow a cookbook, jewelry and clothing. Paltrow reportedly told the court she feared for safety and the safety of her family, especially after one of the letters arrived directly to her home in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been dealing for 17 years with the communications from this man,” Paltrow told the court according to the BBC.”I felt very upset by it… this has been a very long and very traumatic experience already.”

Soiu’s attorney claims that Paltrow misinterpreted the messages as threatening rather than just religious.

This is the second time that Soiu has been taken to trial over allegations of stalking the actress. He was found not guilty due to insanity in his previous trial in 2001 and then reportedly spent three years in a mental health facility.

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