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Hank Bocephus Williams is back, but is still a douche

Hank, Bocephus, Williams, back, douche

How much has the political climate in the United States changed in the past six years?

Ask country music singer Hank Williams Jr, who was fired by ESPN in 2011 for indirectly comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Williams Jr said at the time that then-Speaker of the House John Boehner playing golf with Obama was akin to “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Williams apologized for the comments.

ESPN announced on Monday that it will bring back “Bocephus” to sing the longtime open to Monday Night Football this fall, the classic “Are you ready for some football?” (the song is actually titled, ‘All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight,’ but you shouldn’t know or care about that).

We now live in an era where comparing a current politician to Hitler is commonplace. The “line” has become what Kathy Griffin did last week.

In other words, look for Griffin to host CNN’s New Years Eve coverage in 2023.

I admit, I was initially excited for Williams’ return until I learned he often wears an “ICON” hat – as seen above. What a douche.


The Rotund Ryan Bros.

The WWE has had some renewed interest in its tag team division of late, but if it wants to take things to the level it was at in the early 1990s with the Hart Foundation, The Rockers and Demolition – it should immediately sign former NFL coaches and brothers, Rex and Rob Ryan.

Rex and Rob got into a bar fight with some trash talking NFL fans in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend. Rex was appropriately wearing a Nationals Bryce Harper jersey, a week after Harper and Hunter Strickland traded blows on the field.

Rex, who was fired by the Bills late last season, could now be canned by ESPN (he joined the network in April) for this incident considering the Worldwide Leaders’ hatred for anything controversial.

It’d be the perfect time for Vince McMahon to strike. Not only would the Ryan Bros. be the WWE’s heaviest team since Earthquake and Typhoon were “The Natural Disasters,” they would also be able to cut a hell of a promo.


Bring back the hatred

The Red Sox split their series with the hated Orioles in Baltimore this past weekend and now their attention turns to their old rival, the Yankees. The Sox will begin a three game series in the Bronx tonight, and they are just two games behind New York in the AL East standings.

The testiness between the Sox and the O’s is fun, but Sox – Yankees is supposed to be the be-all and end-all when it comes to baseball vitriol.

Aside from a few scuffles here and there, Red Sox – Yankees hasn’t been Red Sox – Yankees since 2006 – when the Yankees beat the Sox at Fenway four straight times in a key August series. That was really the last time there was clear hatred between the two franchises, as the Yanks haven’t been that good when the Sox were World Series contenders and vice versa. The Yankees finished in third place when the Sox last won it all in 2013 and the Red Sox were swept in the wild card round by the Angels when the Yankees last won it all in 2009.

I don’t expect to see many Massachusetts sixth graders walking around with those confusing “Yankee hater” hats this week, but it would be nice to see some emotion from both sides of “The Rivalry” this week.

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