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Hannibal Buress doesn’t know if Lincoln’s coming back either

Hannibal Buress doesn’t know if Lincoln’s coming back either
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Hannibal Buress seems to hate dumb interviews. Especially after the hundredth reporter asks him about “that Cosby joke,” and he hangs up the phone. But we’re not talking about Cosby, and that’s fine. There’s plenty to discuss.

The 33-year-old Chicago native has been going nonstop. The fourth season of late night talk showAdult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” premieres Aug. 6, a few months after the third season of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” ended and “The Secret Life of Pets” debuted in theaters. Roles in Joe Swanberg’s new Netflix series “Easy,” and anticipated flicks like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Baywatch” are also on the horizon.

On “Eric Andre,” Buress appears as the straight-laced sidekick to the totally chaotic host — except the rare charged moment, like when he kicks guest Flava Flav in the face.

Wait, what?

“Didn’t you watch the trailer?,” Buress asks in disbelief. “Watch it again.”

When you’re in New York, how often do you get stopped by people calling you Lincoln?

A couple times a week — I used to correct people. I used to say, “Hey, Lincoln is a character. My name is Hannibal.” But now I just let it go.

What’s going on with season four of “Eric Andre”?

It’s gonna be the same thing, just different people. We’ve got some good guests, and they’re getting weirdly better each season. That’s something I’m surprised by; like, how are we still getting people to do this? It’s going to get weirder. I know I’m being vague.

Is it still weird when the cameras stop rolling?

When the cameras stop rolling, I’ll go to the office and check e-mail, make some phone calls, write two jokes, listen to music — it’s low-key crazy stuff.

What are you listening to now?

Oddisee‘s “Catching Vibes,” and this track I had on repeat yesterday was one that came up on Pandora. It’s called “The Pseudo Nymph,” by Flying Lotus, and it’s got [DJ] Thundercat playing over it. It’s a good motivation, get-going song. I listened to it like eight times.

Speaking of, can we chat for a minute about your DJ name — DJ Burgerfeet? Wheredid that come from?

I’ve got ugly feet, so I decided to say DJ Burgerfeet because my feet look like hamburger meat.

That’s incredibly graphic.

Thank you.

Going back to “Broad City,” what’s going to happen to Lincoln? Is he done with the show now that he and Ilana broke up?

No, I don’t know anything. I don’t write for that show.

Alright, then what do you hope happens to Lincoln?

I hope he gets his own dental practice and franchises out and moves to the Midwest, like Chicago. New York is going to fall into the ocean anyway, so he should get out of there.

What are you keeping backstage at your live show? Any demands?

Some snacks — some almonds, pineapple, water, orange juice, whiskey, ginger ale, vegetable with ranch and some local beer. That’s my rider. That’s an exclusive.

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