Harry Styles’ naked Segway ride

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While everyone’s been talking about Justin Bieber’s privates — including his dad, which is just icky — thanks to some awkward paparazzi photos, news of another young pop singer’s clothing-optional exploits might have slipped through the cracks. But fear not, I’m hear to fill you in. According to the boys in 5 Seconds of Summer, touring with One Direction — and particularly Harry Styles — can be more than a little revealing.

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Band member Ashton Irwin tells Alan Carr during an interview that backstage at one tour stop, Styles stunned the band by zipping around completely naked on a Segway. “It was just once. I saw full-on ball-sack,” Irwin says before Michael Clifford adds, “The worst part was that Luke [Hemming]’s mom was standing right there, and he comes in on the Segway, just butt naked, sees Luke’s mom and turns around.”

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That sounds like a pretty hilarious visual, except for one aspect Irwin forgot to add: “It was like his first time on a Segway, too, so it was kind of awkward turning around and trying to hide things at the same time.” Maybe get some more practice first before going full streaker, Harry?

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