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Hello from the other side: ‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry helps celebs connect with the dead

Hollywood Medium

While some people scribble in a notebook out of boredom, Tyler Henry doodles for a different reason: to help him focus on connecting with the dead. Henry stars on E!’s new series “Hollywood Medium,” which premieres Sunday, Jan. 24 at 10 p.m.

Even though he communicates with the other side, don’t go comparing him to Haley Joel Osment’s character in “The Sixth Sense.” During a phone interview, Henry explains the difference.“So much of my process is mental, so it’s basically being able to pick up on images and feelings that are very internal,” the 20-year-old medium and clairvoyant says.

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“It’s more so in my mind’s eye than necessarily seeing dead people walking around. But there have been instances where I’ve seen physical things very clearly.”

When he first noticed his gift
It all began when Henry was 10. He woke up in the middle of the night knowing his grandmother, who had cancer, was going to die. “I couldn’t quite explain it. It almost felt like a memory of something that hadn’t happened yet,” he recalls. He got out of bed, told his mom, and moments later, they received a call that his grandmother had passed.

By age 16, Henry started working as a medium in his small town. Sure enough, word spread to Los Angeles and he began having famous clients. This led to a TV deal.

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Joining the A-list
On “Hollywood Medium,” Henry meets with celebrities, providing an opportunity for them to connect and find closure with loved ones lost. The star-studded line-up includes Jaime Pressly, Tom Arnold, Bella Thorne, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, to name a few.

When asked if he ever gets star-struck, Henry confesses he became flustered around the aforementioned “Jersey Shore” star. But his nerves quickly subsided, saying, “As the reading progressed, I forgot about the celebrity element and I felt like I wasn’t just connecting to Snooki, I was connecting to Nicole.”

Who we’ll see on the show
Other cameos to look forward to? Henry teases an “intriguing” reading with NeNe Leakes that he describes as “so physically overwhelming and shocking.” There’s also a memorable moment with Boy George. “I feel like that one was one of the most fascinating,” he shares. “His manager actually stepped in and validated some of the information.”

As for the non-believers, the California native isn’t fazed. “I totally understand skepticism and totally embrace it,” Henry says. “The proof is really in the pudding. If you look at the actual readings, there are so many pieces of information that are not Google-able, and on top of that, I never know who I’m reading.” It’s true; he’s usually driven to readings by his mom without knowing who the clients will be beforehand.

The young star admits he’s constantly honing his skills, but he’s enjoying the ride. “It’s so incredibly gratifying for me,” he says. “I feel like this is a gift that’s meant to be shared.”