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Here are the worst gifts to give someone you hate, all for under $20

Here are the worst gifts to give someone you hate, all for under $20

You know those friends you have that you actually hate? The ones that invite you to their birthday and then for some reason you decide to go?

Great. Have you ever struggled to figure out what the worst possible gift is that you could get for them that’s under $20? Are you stumped?


Thanks to Reddit, you now have an answer — in fact, you have several answers.

The question “What’s the worst birthday gift you can give someone for under 20$?” was posted to the subereddit /r/askreddit, and people clamoured to answer with their most horrible gift ideas.

Here are the worst of the worst:

“I once gave one of my friends a signed copy of “Twilight.” I was the one that signed it.” -SufficientWolves

“A plastic bag full of underwear you bought at a thrift store.” – gunsforthehomeless

“Buy yourself a McDonalds and forget it’s their birthday.” -Tawmy

“A gift card with no label. It’s like a scavenger hunt!Does it work at Target? Nope! How about Best Buy? Wrong again!How fun!” – captainmagictrousers

“Deodorant.Even if the person has perfect hygiene, it will completely ruin their confidence.” – SoulWager

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“Single ply toilet paper” – Tallywacka

“A whole bag full of empty gift cards.” – daltino69

“$20 scratch off that was already scratched off and was a loser” -colakoala200

“Accessories/refills for a product they do not own: Printer ink,Iphone charger,Ebooks,Cat litter” -ikevinax

“How about: A $20 gift card to Target. In a box with hundreds of identical, unactivated ones.” -colakoala200

Get more fabulously terrible gift ideas on the entire Reddit thread.

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