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Here’s a map showing your odds of being attacked by a shark this summer

This interactive map shows where you're at the greatest risk of being attacked by a shark. Photo: casino.org

For millions of people around the globe, the summer months mean trips to the beach complete with scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. And let’s not forget swimming and frolicking in the salty ocean waves. But for many of us, there is a dark question lurking in the back of our otherwise carefree minds: What are my odds of being attacked by a shark?

Well, the answer really depends on where you are.

A new interactive map created by gambling guide casino.org lets you choose a country map and narrow down your odds of being attacked by a shark at specific locations.

There’s little denying it  sharks are scary. They’re also magnificent, death-defying creatures that are a crucial part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Maybe that’s why people get so pumped up about Shark Week. But despite their reputations as toothy killing-machines, only four people were killed by sharks in 2016. Compare that to the 73 people who died from taking a selfie that year, and suddenly shark attacks aren’t looking like too much of a threat.

Where are you most likely to get attacked by a shark?

“While movies and books tell us that it’s not safe to go in the water, the odds of being attacked by a shark are actually very remote,” says Casino.org editor David Sheldon. “In fact, you’re more likely to be killed by a selfie. Or a car. Or an infection from the very hospital that is supposed to be helping you. In return, we kill around 100 million sharks a year. When you think of it that way, the sharks should be telling horror stories about killer humans in boats.”

But if you’re the type who doesn’t like to take chances, here’s how to find which states, cities, and beaches to visit to avoid being attacked by a shark. 

Where are you most likely to get attacked by a shark?

By far, the U.S. state you’re most likely to get attacked by a shark is the Sunshine State itself — Florida. The odds of you being involved in a shark attack in Florida is +2534300, according to Casino.org’s research, with a total of 828 shark attacks. Second place is Hawaii, with odds of +608700 and 230 total shark attacks. California came in next, with 187, followed by South Carolina with  116,  North Carolina with 84, and Texas with 58 total shark attacks. 

Most other coastal U.S. states have very low odds of getting attacked by a shark, with attacks ranging in the single digits each year.

If you’re a globe-trotting ocean-goer, check out the stats for South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia — nations with notorious reputations for shark attacks.

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