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Hillary Clinton just saw Wonder Woman, and Twitter is overflowing with feminist joy

Hillary Clinton holding a microphone

Wonder Woman was undeniably the film of the summer, sparking a sense of joy and delight in everyone that saw it, while also convincing a healthy portion of viewers to consider buying a lasso, too.

Since it was released into cinemas over three months ago you probably assumed that your love and appreciation of all things Wonder Woman had reached its peak. But one solitary photo is going to change all of that, because Hillary Clinton has now seen Wonder Woman, and the smile on her face after doing so will suddenly make the world seem that little brighter.

Of course, Hillary Clinton didn’t go to see Wonder Woman alone. The former Secretary of State and Senator from New York was joined at the screening by her date and husband of 42-years Bill Clinton, who looked just as happy as his wife to have seen Gal Gadot in action at the Alamo Drafthouse in New York City.

As you could probably have predicted Twitter reacted uproariously to the revelation that Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as select members of the secret service, had sat down to watch Wonder Woman. Several users pointed out that Hillary Clinton didn’t actually need to see the film, though, as they insisted that she’d lived it:



Others even went as far as to not just compare Hillary Clinton to Wonder Woman, but to declare that she is Wonder Woman:





Alamo Drafthouse are already looking to enhance their reputation as the premiere movie theater for former presidents, too, as they quickly decided to extend an invitation to both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to see whatever film they want when they’re next in New York.





They can even bring some of their famous friends, too:




No word yet on whether this invitation has been given to the current Commander In Chief. 

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