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Hot Plate: Negroni boba tea and more Asian cocktail magic at The Eddy

Did I take a wrong turn? Does the East Village have its own Diagon Alley? Walking into The Eddy (342 E. 6th St.) feels like discovering a sophisticated cocktail bar in the back of the Three Broomsticks, with its whitewashed walls and mahogany accents.

And the menu, which changed completely just three weeks ago, reads more like a potions recipe than what you’d normally find in a cocktail. Corn puree gets an infusion of sake and chili tincture for the Japanese Jimador, mellowing out the smoky Corralejo Blanco tequila into an Asian pina colada.

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Or if you’ve ever wanted your favorite nonalcoholic drink to get a boozy makeover, try the Boba, Bubble, Tea — Saint Teresa rum, Campari and sweet vermouth are turned into Negroni Jell-O, which lurks as high-proof icebergs in the murky sea of matcha-infused sweetened condensed milk and Hendrick’s gin. The presentation — a red napkin pulled over the glass with a classic giant straw — completes the effect. Warning: It doesn’t taste alcoholic, but it really is.

Summer’s trend is shaping up to be yogurt cocktails, but if that doesn’t sound appealing, head bartender Luis Hernandez has found another way to add richness while keeping the drink refreshing: a rice wash. The ingredients for his Vanishing Act (Mizu Shochu, a Japanese liquor distilled from barley, cachaca, banana liqueur, sherry) spend the night soaking in sticky rice. The result is a delicate, velvety sipper served in a sake bottle.

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And if you’re done with summer, there’s even a cocktail to make it disappear for a while: Jack the Rabbit, made with black tea-infused Tullamore Dew, nutmeg syrup and absinthe over mace ice — it’s like tasting the crisp, clean air of the first real day of fall.

Still don’t believe in magic?

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