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How Boston plays a role in the new Aquaman movie

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From Chris Evans’ Captain America to Ben Affleck’s Batman, Boston has connections to several superheroes who’ve saved the day on the silver screen in recent years. Now, the city can add Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to the list.

How Boston plays a role in the new Aquaman movie

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As the aquatic Justice League member prepares to swim onto the big screen this weekend, local fans may be surprised to learn that Boston and New England play small roles in the latest DC Comics blockbuster.  In fact, the Bay State has a long history with Aquaman, as the Atlantean hero and his human father hail from the fictional Massachusetts town of Amnesty Bay in the comic books.

While the iconic lighthouse that Arthur Curry and his dad call home is still present in the new Aquaman film, the DCEU version of Amnesty Bay is actually set on the coasts of Maine. Although the majority of the film takes place underwater, in and around the kingdom of Atlantis, the New England locale is present during several key scenes, especially when it comes to the love story between Aquaman’s father Thomas Curry, played by Temuera Morrison, and his royal mother, Queen Atlanna, played by the legendary Nicole Kidman.

Despite the change from Massachusetts to Maine, the Bay State does pop up briefly in the superhero flick.

In a flashback sequence, a younger version of Arthur played by Kaan Guldur discovers his ability to “talk to fish” while being bullied by his classmates during a school field trip to a Boston aquarium. It’s a bit unclear if the setting is a fictional aquarium or meant to be the actual New England Aquarium, but either way, it’s a nice homage to the Hub. Perhaps they can continue showing the area some love by convicing Batfleck to return for a possible sequel and have Bruce Wayne and Aquaman catch a Red Sox vs. Marlins game at Fenway Park.

Aquaman opens in theaters Dec. 21.

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