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How did Anca Pop die? Details on her tragic death

Anca Pop
Anca Pop's death comes as a shock to many PHOTO: Getty 

Anca Pop, known for her daring lyrics, dreamy music and strong messages was found dead after she was reported missing on Sunday evening. Anca’s sister contacted the police after the singer failed to show up to her family’s home late that night. How did Anca Pop die?

How did Anca Pop die? 

Anca Pop was found in her car that was submerged in the Danube River in south-western Romania by authorities; she was 34 years old. It is not clear how or why the car was in the river, police are still ruling her death to be under investigation. 

Anca Pop has had a massive following since she released her self-titled album two years ago, especially in Japan. Her music has been described as a fusion of Balkan and mainstream pop according to Billboard. She also collaborated with Bosnian musician Goran Bregovic on his album Champagne for Gypsies. 

How did Anca Pop die

The young musician has had an interesting past. In 1987 Anca’s family fled from Romania to Canada after the country fell under communist rule, ironically, the river they escaped on in a small raft was the same river that Anca died in a few days ago. Years later, Anca’s family returned to Romania once it was safe again. 

Anca Pop caused another stir earlier this year when she announced she was in a relationship with a woman; the news came as quite a controversy to the conservative country. 

Her death comes as a shock to many. Fans are stunned that the young performer’s life ended so soon, all over social media they are grieving and writing messages to honor the late singer. “I’m so sorry, Anca, a woman so beautiful and full of life. The world remains poorer after your departure. Thank you for sharing what you have been with us!” one user wrote. “Rest in peace beautiful” another commented. The messages are mainly posted on Anca’s latest Instagram post, which eerily shows her right next to the Danube River. 

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