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How do you play roulette and what are the rules?

How do you play roulette and what are the rules

Roulette encompasses a combination of chance, strategy and adrenaline and is a good choice for someone looking for a new game to play in their online casino. But it can be confusing for new gamblers looking to play for money. So, how do you play roulette and what are the rules? 

How do you play roulette and what are the rules?

Wagering in roulette falls into two categories: inside and outside bets. The highest payout is 35:1 — and while enticing, there are more strategic and effective ways to bet the wheel.

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The first inside bet is the straight-up bet. A straight-up bet is when the player bets on a singular number on the wheel placing their chips in the center of the square. This is the most difficult outcome to predict therefore it yields a 35:1 payout.

Roulette also gives players the option to bet on multiple numbers at once in various combinations. These roulette bets do not yield the payout, but the odds are more favorable for the player. The second inside bet is a split bet. With a split bet, the chips are placed on the dividing line between two adjacent numbers and has a payout of 17:1.

The next inside bet is the street bet. With a street bet, the player places their chips at the bottom of a column on the board playing all three numbers and yields a payout of 11:1. When betting a street bet on the 1, 2, 3, the player would place their chips on the outside line in the first number in the column — in this case the one.

A corner bet allows the player to bet on four neighboring numbers at once. Chips are placed at the intersecting points of all four numbers as they form a square and pays out 8:1.

Other rules and tips for betting while playing roulette

Similar to the street bet, the line bet allows the player to bet on six numbers at once. The player places their chips on the edge line where the two bottom numbers in the column meet. A line bet yields a 5:1 payout if hit.

The last inside bet is the five-number bet. Chips are placed where the zero and one intersect similar to a corner bet and the player bets the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. A five-number bet has a payout of 6:1.

How do you play roulette what are the rules

Outside bets yield a much lower return than inside bets. A player can bet on red/black, odd/even, or high (19 to 36)/low (1 to 18) all which payout even money at 1:1. The last two outside bets are the dozen bet and column bet which both payout 2:1. The dozen bet wagers if the number will be from the first, second or third dozen numerically whereas a column bet is placed on the arrangement of the chart.

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Inside bets are riskier than outside bets, but yield a much higher payout. An outside bet is a safer choice but at most only pays out 2:1. Depending on desired pace and return rate a player can use these strategies to maximize their winnings as well as neutralize some losses during their time at the wheel.

Share these tips on how do you play roulette the next time you’re hanging out with your friends. There’s plenty of money to go around for all expert roulette players.