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How to avoid Cyber Monday scams

How to avoid Cyber Monday scams

Millions of shoppers will hit retailers’ websites today, expecting serious discounts and promotions. But be aware, online shopping hysteria can lead you to make impulse buys, as online stores never close and you can casually browse from the comfort of your couch.

“It causes many people to shop more often and make unnecessary purchases or splurges,” says Andrea Woroch, consumer and money-saving expert. “Especially since many keep payment information saved, buying something with a single tap leads to huge overspending.”

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It can also become tricky when it comes to clothes and shoes, since you can’t try them on. Colors on the web may appear different than they actually are, and you can’t feel quality of the material. This is why experts advise to only buy brands you’re familiar with. “Don’t browse for fun,” Woroch says.“Give yourself time to think through the purchase. The necessity to shop may pass, and you will forget about those items. Placing goods in your virtual cart is not the best way to fulfill that urge to buy and spend.”

Compare prices

The Internet is inundated with retail websites, so it’s important to shop around first before buying something. Luckily, you can compare prices using sites like PriceGrabber.com or TheFind.com. The Invisible Hand Tool, for example, alerts you if something you’re browsing is sold at another site for less.

Track discounts

There are many outlets where you can buy what you need, but always make sure to always pick the best price. TrackIf.com, for example, monitors sites, pages and searches, and alerts you when it becomes available, when the cost of an item drops, or has a special offer.

Use coupons

Meanwhile, sites like CouponSherpa.com offer coupon codes for discounts on your online order as well as free shipping deals. Reading Sherpa’s blog may also be helpful for learning tips and tricks on saving money in everyday life.

Investigate other opinions

Read reports for different products at ePinions or Buzzillions.com. Both websites provide consumer-generated reviews and ratings of items you want to buy. Patiently research all pros and cons and only then make a decision.

Avoid sketchy sites

It’s very important to make sure you’re shopping with legitimate retailers, as the internet is peppered with scam sites. Check out GetLinkInfo.com to verify a site you’re less familiar with. It will show, for example, the amount of unsafe links it contains and if it is malware-free.